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We have been expecting you! Since you have come upon our web site, we hope you will browse around and find out more about us. Then, we hope you will consider joining us for worship, and joining us on this spiritual journey that we are all involved with.
We understand that there are many ways to worship God, and as such we worship in a variety of comfortable, contemporary styles that are blended with many of the church's traditions and rich heritage, as well as being very contemporary and relevant to the community in which we live.  We understand where we have come from, and where we are going on this spiritual journey. We encourage you to consider joining us, no matter what the status or situation in life in which you currently find yourself. We will all make the journey together.  
Where Friends and Family Worship Together!


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This week

Sunday, Oct 9th
9:00am Women’s Sunday School Class
10:15am Morning Worship Service
5:00pm Search Light Ministries Feeding
6:30pm Sunday pm Bible Study—Office conference room

Monday, Oct 10th
8:00am—4:00pm Church Office
7:00pm Ladies Bible Study @ Marilyn McCollum’s Home

Tuesday, Oct 11th
8:00am—4:00pm Church Office hours
7:00pm Young Adults meeting– Holleman’s Home

Wednesday, Oct 12th
8:00am—4:00pm Church Office hours
5:00pm Search Light Ministries Feeding—everyone welcome!
6:30pm Children & Youth Group Bible Study
7:00pm Worship Team Practice

Thursday, Oct 13th
8:00am—3:00pm Church Office hours
12:00pm Real Help

Friday, Oct 14th
Church Office closed

Saturday, Oct 15th
9:00am—10:30am GGFC Friends Food Pantry

Sunday, Oct 16th
9:00am Women’s Sunday School Class
10:15am Morning Worship Service
5:00pm Search Light Ministries Feeding
6:30pm Sunday pm Bible Study—Office conference room

Worship Through Prayer

Ryan & Taylor Holleman—Military*
Jeremy Naples - Military*
Kameron Alex– Military*
Cheryl Tucker
Don Allen – Nancy Phillip’s son-in-law
Joan & Mervin Hinshaw
Jane Jentz & Family
Liam DeLuna & Family
James & Yolanda Houghton
Ralph & Roberta Shelton
Abby Hansen
Tara Jacobs
Lloyd Jones
Gabe Terrones
Peggy Tracy
Joyce Nobles Family
Cathy Avila Family
The Swaim Family
John Hopkins (Bev Hopkins son)
Ken Kunkel

ship with us (English, Spanish and Korean Friends Services)

Sunday Services:
Engage Service- a more contemporary Worship geared towards  families.  Very upbeat, and allowing people to Engage their Lord and Savior in worship.

Bulletin: 2016Oct9Bulletin.pdf

Worship Through His Word - Ryan Holleman
Galatians 2:15-21


Fireside Coffeehouse - an opportunity to meet in an intimate fireside room for coffee, food and worship.

Servicio Devocional en Centro de Alabanza.

Korean Service in main Sanctuary


The year in review


Script order forms are available in the church lobby or here: Scrip2014OrderForm.pdf. Please feel free to fill one out and turn into the church office (or drop into the offering plate) any time you would like to purchase gift cards. Money from script purchase goes to the youth group and children's church.


Problems with web site?
Contact webmaster@ggfc.org


Where Friends and Family Worship


What's happening in our




     Garden Grove Friends Church





Prayer Nights meet the 1st 3rd and 5th (when we have these) Wed of the month. Everyone is welcome to join us!!

Nursery Department is in need of more  volunteers on Sunday mornings.  Serving 1 Sunday per month.
Children’s Department is in need of additional teachers and/or assistants. Serving 1 Sunday per month. Please see Taylor if you feel led to help in either  area.
We are looking for additional volunteers to help on Wednesday nights - Please see Taylor Holleman if you are interested. 

The Young Adult group is looking for a group of VOLUNTEER babysitters, 2 per meeting for Sunday evening meetings—meeting is Sunday, 5:30pm— 8:30pm… Looking to meet twice per month—schedule to be determined soon! Please see Ryan if you are available or interested.

Just a reminder—we have a Scholarship Fund to help our attenders and members who are pursuing higher education in the area of  Christian Education.  The Funds are granted to applicants through a review process under the direction of Ministry & Counsel.  Donations to the Fund  are appreciated and application are being accepted.


People served on Sat. 9/24/16—862
Total served for month of Sept-1208
Total people served thru 2016 6743

If you would like to donate food to The Pantry—Oct will be Juices (boxed, bottles, Capri Suns, etc) If anyone wants to donate small pumpkins, they can be given to the kids on the last Sat in October.


(Shelter for the Homeless Interfaith Program)
Sat, Oct 1st thru Fri, Oct 14th
GGFC has committed to provide a dinner meal for this program during this time frame. If you could donate a meal or have any questions about this program, please contact Vinnie Otte or the church office.

Ken Kunkel will begin a Sunday Night Bible Study group here at GGFC on Oct 9th at 6:30pm. It will be meeting in the office conference room. The study will be on Romans. If anyone has any questions, please feel free to contact Ken Kunkel

Harvest is on its way– we need help from you: candy donations & volunteers to run booths. We are going to have time slots so volunteers can spend time with their families as well as volunteer. Please see Taylor if interested in volunteering. Mark your calendar: Thurs, Oct 27th 1pm :set up booths & prepping for the event.
Mon, Oct 31st 12pm :final prep & set up for the evening event.

Our Location

12211 Magnolia Street
Garden Grove, CA 92841-3397
(714) 539-7735
E-Mail: Office@ggfc.org

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